Class Calendar

New Trier Fitness Classes

Northfield and Winnetka 

(This is a downloadable google calendar. Scroll to bottom of calendar right corner, if you would like to add to your own calendar. )
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Click on the class date for a detailed description, or follow this link for a detailed class description.

 Special Note: Winter Session 2019, Makeup up classes will run during  March 25th-30th

In an effort to know if the school will be busy  during any of our classes, possibly causing parking difficulty, or effecting our class locations, I have added the school calendar to my calendar below.  We We might  find it to be helpful, am at least going to give it a try.  

Note Class Abbreviations:  NT-New Trier, NC-No Class, MU Make Up Class

*How To Make-Up Classes, below the calendar



*If you miss a class, or a class is canceled, you can make up your missed class in any of Beth’s classes throughout the session.

 If you are unable to make up the class, you can attend classes in the new session to make up your missed classes.