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Sunrise Bootcamp

This class meets at 5:50am at the Winnetka Campus. 

During the winter we meet in the Gates Gym. We have taken over a closet where we store our weights. Feel free to put your things in there so you do not have to carry them each workout. We keep the closet locked, however, there has been a time or two that a mat or weights were missing.

For our winter schedule, we go to the kick-box studio on Wednesdays. It is a nice change and it pushes us a little harder. 

As soon as the temperatures rise above 50 degrees, we go outside! We will use a variety of places, Tennis Courts, the Track, and sometimes Elder Park.

Premier Pilates

This class meets at New Trier Northfield, Happ Rd. Building F, downstairs.  

The book shows us meeting in the wellness center, however, we are using the Dance Studio down the hallway. When you come down the steps the wellness center will be to your left, while the dance studio will be to your right down the hall a few feet. We have a nice supply of mats, so you don’t really need to bring one unless you want to. You might want to bring a water bottle. I highly advise you do not eat before coming to this class.

Circuit Strength Training

This class meets at New Trier Northfield, Happ Rd. Building F, downstairs. 

To the left,  the Wellness  Center. If the door is closed walk a little further down the hallway and around to the glass doors. Sometimes when the coaches leave they close the brown door. If you arrive early, or if I am running behind from the Pilates Class, feel free to go in and warm up on the equipment. You might want to bring a water bottle, however, we have a new water fountain.

Personal Group Training

This class meets at New Trier Northfield, Happ Rd. Building F, downstairs, wellness center. 

I normally arrive around 4:30pm. If I am going to be any earlier, I will text the whole group to invite those who want to start early. This is a open workout design. I developed 4 upper and lower body workouts, to help us stay fresh with our workouts. This is where you will learn how to work out, and how to use equipment in the gym. Designed to reduce your fear when you walk into gyms, or hotel gyms. You will always be able to no what to start and how to work the equipment. It is self paced, however, it is designed to increase your capabilities monthly. There are times where I will teach for 20 to 30 mins. Sometimes abdominal work, other times it is upper body. This program is designed to only take you 25-30 minutes once you master your workouts. It keeps you moving, your metabolism in high gear.

Boxing Fun, Cardio, Sculpting, Stretching

New Trier East, Winnetka Campus, Winnetka Ave, 

This class is held in the basement next to the dance studios. They face Winnetka Ave, and the side of the Tennis Courts. You will need to enter through the glass doors, on the east side of the school, on Essex. Follow Link below to the map. For this class you will want your water bottle. We have mats to use, and straps for stretching. You might want to invest in boxing gloves for this class.

Core & Back Strengthening

This class meets at 5:30pm at the Winnetka Campus in the kickbox studio (basement, Winnetka Rd Side) 

Enter through the doors on Essex. Follow the hallway until you see the Drivers Ed sign on your left. Go through that door and down the steps. Follow the hallway all the way around to the very last door on the right and that is the kickbox studio. Please do not wear your gym shoes in or your street shoes. Change into your gym shoes before stepping onto the new floor.

Sweat & Stretch

This class meets at 8:30am on Saturday mornings at the Winnetka Campus. 

When the weather is permitting, we will workout at Elder Park. Below clink on the map link.

This class has been designed to get you cardio fit, through high intensity moves for 20 mins. You will be learning the Karvonen Formula for your healthy heart rates. Learn more about Karvonen. After the 20 minutes of pure cardio, we will get 25 mins of pure stretching. 40-60 second holds with each static stretch.


Note:  Take 2 classes, and you can attend all of Beth’s classes!  






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