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Beth Klobuchar-Mendez

New Trier Adult Extension, Fitness Classes

Thanks for visiting our wall of fame! 
Hopefully our class pics will be the motivation you need to join us! 
We are all in the same boat, it's a big boat! We want to lose weight, get fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Stay physical and fit without injuries. 
Enjoy all of this, along with the added benefits of all the social connections!

Join our classes you will reap all the rewards! 

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Sunrise Bootcamp, (no longer offered at New Trier)  Kickbox Studio, School Track, School Tennis Courts and  Elder Park Pier! Fresh and Energizing every morning we meet! 




Kickbox Fitness Classes

This class will take you to the next level for your cardio needs!

Enjoy the sculpting benefits of kickbox for your arms and legs. If this isn't enough to convince you, you must use your brain to control your arms and legs.
 I say it everyday, we are building new highways in our brains, helping to improve our thinking skills and to continue developing our focus abilities.  





Personal Group Training/Sample Group Training

 Do you avoid gyms because you feel intimidated or out of place? 
Join this class and enjoy our private fitness facility, no more intimidation!
   Learn the basic fundamentals for weight lifting and form, while you learn the benefits of cardio interval training, and much more! 





Strength Training,- Circuit Training

It's all about safe and proper weight training.
 Weight training is especially necessary for our body's to perform on a daily basis.
  Strength training added to our weekly fitness goals, helps us to keep muscle mass as we age.
 Proper weight training will help you to achieve your goals without injury. 
Learn proper form with free weights while you learn hundreds of ways to improve your all over strength.  






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