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Beth Klobuchar-Mendez, New Trier Adult Extension, Fitness Classes

Thanks for visiting our wall of fame! Hopefully it will motivate you to join us!
We are all in the same boat, working towards the same health and wellness goals. We want to stay physical without injury, have fun, and be social!

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Sunrise Bootcamp,  Gates Gym, Kickbox Studio, School Track, School Tennis Courts and  Elder Park Pier! Fresh and Energizing every morning we meet! 


Our Kickbox Classes will take you to the next level for all your cardio needs! Is there a Rocky in You?



Personal Group Training will help you to feel comfortable in any gym environment. You will learn the basic fundamentals here for weight lifting, cardio interval training, and much more! 



Strength Training, combining circuit training in this class, you will work every aspect of your body for a full hour. 



More Albums to come! 


Primar Pilates

Pelvic Core

Sweat & Stretch