Corona Plank Off Contest Updates




Want to Win?  5-hours of Personal Training? 

                                                     Is your plank pic worthy to win! 


5- Hours Personal Training, 1-Hour Personal Training

June 1-7 Judging will take place in each class. Details to be announced! 

March 13th the Corona Plank Off Contest was announced!  Achieve a 4-minute plank to be entered into the drawing for 5-hours personal training! 2- Weeks later another oppurtunity was announced to win! The most creative Corona Plank pic!  Voted on by all! 

After a couple weeks into our contest, and additional option was added to the contest for anyone above (60) years of age. 4- minute wall planks would qualify. Fast forward to now, many of you have joined in, pushing through to get your chance to win!  It’s been fun seeing all the pics that continue to be sent to me. These images are uploaded to our Corona Plank Off Contest Album. 

14 days until the judging begins!

Are you still on board?

Can you do it? 

Corona Plank Pics Contest

This is going to be fun! A survey will go out to all, allowing everyone to vote for their favorite plank pics!  Did you send your plank  Have you sent in your pics? Do you have better Corona Plank Pics?

This will be your chance to vote for the most creative plank image! It’s simple the most votes wins! Share your survey with all you know, so you can win! 

 Deadline for images to be turned in is June 6th, 2020 (12:00 PM) Survey will close at 12:00 PM June 7th! 


More information to come! 

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