Corona Plank Off Time Trials

March 14th or there about, the Corona Plank Off Contest was launched!
Time flies when you are stuck in the middle of a pandemic, quarantined in your house! For many, it became a time to reflect, sit back, relax, while you figured out how to follow all the rules of the 2020 Pandemic. Others continued to work, figuring out how to get on board with working from home. As we quickly realized, we needed a way to stay fit, or at least attempt to stay fit. Creatures of habit, don’t  intercept our fitness activities we have planed for our day. This is the mind of the athlete!  Sure, most of us don’t feel like we are athletes by the “typical definition”. 
An athlete is not defined by age. It’s a person with determination, a goal, a desire to achieve a level of focus for fitness. Maybe your are not the fastest, the slimmest, or the strongest, this doesn’t mean you are not focused on your fitness​. 
It means you are training for, training towards, exactly what athletes do! A work in progress everyday!  
Saturday is the last day to  compete for best time to be entered into the drawing! I guess it could be possible everyone participated Monday??  Although, some names are coming to mind I did not see, yet, I thought they were…all in…Tom….aka….what who me? 
 A recap if you missed Monday! The athletes were out in full force! 
Cheerleader aka…Karen, Rodger Doger aka…Roger, Queenpilate….aka…Margot, Bikerb….aka..Pam, Candycane….aka…Candace, musclemarine..aka…Maureen, 
Anne, Lissa? Hum…my assistant is having a difficult time remembering who participated..? If I am missing anyone please let me know! 
Don’t fret if you have not received you new identity! It will appear out of know where, to follow you for a long time to come….
Everyone surpassed 2 mins! This in itself, is no easy task! After two minutes many were still hanging in there! It was amazing!
As the final countdown began to approach my goodness we hit the 8 minute mark! Ok, can’t remember who hit this, I think it was Queenpilate, maybe Bikerb?? Either-way these chicks were incredible! 
Our top contestants:
If I have over looked anyone, please let me know!!!! Saturday mornings the last chance for your plank time to be tested! This is the last chance to be entered into the drawing!  Win 5 hours of Personal Training
Do you have a picture of your creative plank? All pics must be turned in by noon Saturday! Everyone will receive their chance to vote for the most creative plank!  Another chance to WIN 1-Hour of personal Training! Yippee!! 
How you will vote is will soon be announced! Still trying to figure that out! 🙂 

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