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Primar Pilates perfect for both beginners and advanced students!

Pirmar Pilates Classes will increase your core strength protecting your back as you age. 
 In a Primar Pilates class, you will learn the basics and you will master them so you are able to protect your back, and increase your strength. 



Pelvic Core, First Group Pelvic Core Class in Chicago on the Northshore! 

Students return session after session to  continue enjoying the benefits of this class! 
Strengthen Backs, Strengthens Your Core, improves knee function. 

If those improvements don't catch your attention, you should know another important fact.

 This tool combined with specific exercise using the tool, increases your pelvic core strength, reducing challenges with incontinence.

  Men and Women both enjoy all the benefits of Pelvic Core Conditioning!


New Trier Ext, is the first to offer full body Stretch Classes


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