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We all have our inward Muhammad Ali! 

Float like a butterfly sting like a be- his hands can’t hit what his eyes can’t see! 

Muhamad Ali’s best quotes


Kick-Box Class offers more than just boxing skills…

This class is easily modified for any age and any fitness level.  Some people think it’s a violent class, teaching violence. That is simply not true…

HOWEVER! Now that you mention it! 

I will share a small detail many of us talk about in this class. Women are taught not to hit as little girls, and into adulthood.  It’s not lady like, etc…Ok, of course no one wants to walk around hitting anyone or anything. At the same time, these teachings  negatively impacts girls when it comes to defending themselves. 

In a typical situation when a man is going to attack a women, she will freeze. Fighting back is not instinctual for a women, thus the reason so many women can be abused, or  face an unsuspected attack. 

This observation comes from teaching kick-boxing for decades…

When a woman first walks into class, she is intimidated by the hanging bags, or BOB our Body Free Training Dummy, which  is very realistic. We  begin our warm up, throwing easy punches to the dummy. We work through the process, the form and the amount of force when punching “BOB”. This warm up is just that, plus they learn form, to minimize injury of any sort. During this time, the women, will barely hit the dummy. We will continue to learn more maneuvers which help to keep you lite on your feet, while throwing controlled punches. We work through a series of moves with the arms, then we move to our legs. We have another series of moves, geared more towards balance, flexibility and power. During the first class or two, the women will often still continue to hit softly and slowly, reserved. If they continue to come back, the 3rd or 4th class, watch out! They hit like boys! It’s amazing to see the improvement or lets say the changes to the speed and force from that first day. 

Kick-Boxing builds confidence, it removes hesitation to hit. This is very important if a women is faced with a decision to try and save her life. It’s that simple, this skill will give you what it takes to save your life!   
Now let’s focus on the health benefits! 

Increased bone density

Increase cognitive ability

Increase muscle mass

Increase Cardio Ability

Increase Balance & Coordination

Checkout our Kick-Box year book! 

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