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It’s been a bitter sweet task developing this album. Had it been easier, I would have had it completed a few weeks ago.  I found myself holding back a world wind of emotions on my last day of this class, January 29th, 2020. Looking through my collection of images has been inspiring, funny, and sad all at the same time.  

Sleep deprivation is an awful feeling.  Suffering from sleep deprivation can cause great health risks, besides the daily feelings of confusion, and exhaustion.  I began to suffer from sleep dep around 2 years ago. I hadn’t realized how difficult and destructive this had become for myself until this past year. This forced me to make this very difficult decision to give up the Sunrise Boot camp class.  Although, I find myself waking up at  4:30am, I’m able to get back to sleep within a few minutes.  It will be a great day when I am able to sleep a full 7 to 8 hours! 

I can’t express enough, how grateful I am to every one of my sunrise students. After a decade, this class became my extended family. Once I moved to this area from Southern Illinois,  I spent many years alone,  developing my Free Lance Business.  Sunrise class  3 times a week was my relief, and my connection to the outside world.  There were a lot of laughs and I suppose lot’s of tears during those difficult  squat sessions. I always looked forward to the quick stories over time.  Fun travel stories,  crazy corporate stories and everything in-between!  

This is truly an enormous loss, not only for my youth and the ability to bounce back without sleep, the positive  connection  and all the fun memories.

Thank you for the laughs as something happened funny almost every class. I will always consider this class as one of the best classes in my 30 years of teaching!

The fountain of Youth!  


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