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Sure Exercise can leave you in pain sometimes, especially if you push yourself.  Yes you might experience injuries, however they will heal if you take care of yourself properly. 

For sure AGING HURTS! 

Sickness, Stiffness, Forgetfulness, Lack of Energy, Depression, Social Isolation…..need I go on?

Take your pick!  How do you want to age? 

Healthy Good workout discomfort? Or painful deadly disease pain?

Daily activity is necessary for our bodies to stay healthy as we age. If you  are interested in avoiding diseases attached to aging; e.g. high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia etc…. you must follow an active lifestyle daily! When activity is combined with good eating habits and plenty of rest, aging doesn’t have to turn into a daily trip to the medicine cabinet!


Start with walking, biking,  swimming, yard work etc….

Most of us are are trying to have healthy eating habits, however it’s difficult!  Who doesn’t love that piece of cake, that wonderful new beer brew, or a Starbucks Latte?

After all, we need to live a little! Right?

This brings us to why we need to add more structured exercises to our daily habits. If you have good daily exercise habits, e.g. daily swimming, walking, biking, jogging, yard work, that is good, but not good enough!  

I bring this subject up as a student of mine reminded me of why she continues to attend multiple classes after 4 or 5 years. It’s not that she is in love with exercise. She has accepted exercise because she knows it is what she has to do to keep her body in better condition and better health.  However, she is most interested in the social connection of the classes. She knows this is important for her to keep her mind sharp by forcing herself to stay focused in an exercise class. She has to listen, and execute each demand in order to properly exercise. She knows this is helping her mind stay fit and it keeps her memory working properly. Thank you Candace, it’s an important message to share! 


According to the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation, regular physical exercise can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50 percent. Exercise protects against Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia by stimulating the brain’s ability to maintain old connections as well as make new ones.
Can exercise prevent memory loss and improve cognitive function? Possibly…Exercise has many known benefits,including reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, strengthening the bones and muscles, while reducing stress. It also appears that regular physical activity benefits the brain.

Independent fitness is great! It proves you have the drive necessary to take care of yourself, you don’t need someone pushing you to stay fit. It’s better then nothing, however, the newest research has proven those who face social isolation have an increased risk for acquiring Dementia/Alzheimer’s as they age. Dementia is a disorder which causes memory loss.

The reasons above are why many people attach themselves to group exercise. Why not? We are all working towards the same thing, to age with a healthy grace, to avoid sickness. The last years are suppose to be the golden years right?

Group exercise feeds our minds by giving us the social connection necessary to help our minds stay healthy. Group exercise is designed for students to have fun, laugh,sweat,and connect. Ok, some might cry…no worries they quickly stop, tears turn to tears of joy especially when class is done!

At the end, you feel a new level of success knowing you did the right thing to take care of yourself.Your happy endorphins take over and your day will feel like you are walking on clouds! If you workout at night, you will sleep like a baby! Goodbye sleeping pills! 

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If you really want results you will need to attend at least 3 fitness classes a week. What are results? This is different to all, e.g. Weight loss, Improve Strength, Improve Balance, Improve Memory, Reduce Back Pain, Enter a Marathon, Race Bikes, Swim faster, Get Stronger! No matter what your fitness goals are, you goal to age well and fit, means you need to workout at least 3 times a week!


A bootcamp style class offers a combination of exercises designed to  provide a workout for the entire body. A successful bootcamp, will provide exercises that change often, to keep you from plateauing. Our sunrise bootcamp is perfect for those who need to be at work by 8AM or later. We meet at 6:00 AM workout hard and finish by 7 AM.

Some people  might think it is to early, to difficult to attend, however, many students talk about the luxury of getting out of the house before anyone is awake.  Many students have been attending class so long once they retired from work, they continue to attend this class. They like knowing it gets them up and out of bed for the day, just as if they were still working. Our ages range from 30 to 80 in this class!  Our workout days hold a variety of exercise opportunities; Kickbox, Cardio Interval Training, Jogging/Speed Walking, Stepping, Weight Training, and stretching! During the summer months you will find us on the pier at  Elder Park, stretching  as the sun rises over lake Michigan!  (it truly brings a new level of mojo to your day!)

 This is a whole body workout session designed to tone and sculpt your body and improve your personal fitness level and agility. High energy interval training combinations, strengthening, core for a complete workout that will get you into shape. All levels all ages are welcome! Modifications are offered to all in need. 

Be sure to check out the calendar for all of our class listings! To see the class gallery, click here

New Trier Adult Extension Fitness Classes


Pilates is a system and philosophy of exercises based on the work of Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) that focuses on precision and optimal alignment, requiring your focus to increase motor control. Pilates method is gentle but effective in nature, as well as therapeutic. Pilates Primer for beginners and for the novice. You will learn 34 mat exercises, including the fundamental tenets of posture, body mechanics, correct breathing, spinal flexibility, and natural exercises.  If you have back problems this is the class for you. If you have participated in Pilates before yet you still have back problems, try our class. I will break it down to what works for you to avoid back pain. This class is for all levels and all ages! Below is our class album. 

Be sure to check out the calendar for all of our class listings! To see the class gallery, click here.  

New Trier Adult Extension Fitness Classes


This class is designed to help you feel comfortable walking into a gym.  If you travel you may have avoided the hotel gyms simply because you did not feel comfortable walking in, or just had no idea what to do. Maybe you don’t have fear, maybe you just can’t remember what to do once you are in the gym. If you answered yes to any of my samples you belong in this class. You will learn proper weightlifting techniques for the upper body and lower. You will acquire a good understanding for using equipment like Cybex,  which is in many of your  public gyms and hotel gyms. Learn how to understand Interval training so you to can increase your cardio capabilities for a healthier lifestyle.  Of course we follow the Karvonen Formula for understanding our heart rate goals based on our age.  You will reach a new level of fitness, while you learn how to optimize your workouts to achieve better results in just 30-minutes! Our class lessons are changed weekly, to help us keep the balance, and to keep things fresh!  Small group training  provides you the understanding how to work out injury free. Our primary focus is staying fit and healthy as we age.  An interval-inspired routine will test your cardiovascular fitness, along with body conditioning through strength training, with additional focus on stretch and balance. Lot’s of fun and lot’s of individual work at your pace, which is a great place to start no matter what your age. 

This class meets in our Wellness Center,in the F Building at New Trier West, Northfield.Stay Tune! I plan to add another Personal Group Training Phase II! This will provide students with extra gym time!All ages welcome! Be sure to check out the calendar for all of our class listings! To see the class gallery, click here

New Trier Adult Extension Fitness Classes 


  Stretch classes are all based on static stretching. Holding a stretch for 2- to 30 seconds per stretch. The classes are a little different depending on the amount of time for the class. The Stretch & Flex Classes are designed to give the student time to warm up by adding time for a cardio warm up. Pure Stretch,  Flex & Stretch are offered in the evenings which provides everyone with a new level of relaxation which will help to provide a great night sleep.  Sweat & Stretch is designed for those who need  to spend time improving their cardio fitness, which offers a great warm up prior to the stretch portion of the class.  Both classes  are growing since the introduction in 2018. 

Flexibility is one of the main aspects of physical fitness along with cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance. … We know that this stiffening of the walls of our arteries has been found to be an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease like heart attack and strokes as well as death.

 Many students are reporting  they no longer have back pain when they wake up in the morning. Personally, after severe injuries to my ankle, my knee, and my neck/back,  the stretch class helped these injuries to improve without surgery. It took some time, and some pain, however I would choose no other way to heal my injuries. Surgery offers no guarantees, often leaving an injury in worse condition then before the surgery,  not to mention the dangers of anesthesia and surgery in general.  We  move through a series of stretches focusing on all areas of the body.  Some classes are 45-minutes, and others are a full hour! Our stretches are static, with the goal to hold the stretches for 30-40 seconds each perfect for improving your range of motion. Most students report an improvement after 3-4 classes. Decreased pain throughout  all joints and backs. Did you know at any age you should be able to touch your toes or the floor, even better. 

If you can’t touch the floor, you need to be in this class! Be sure to check out the calendar for all of our class listings! To see the class gallery, click hereEvery workout has modifications for those who are in need of modifying. 

New Trier Adult Extension Fitness Classes


This class is sweeping the country! Thanks to a local physical therapist,Christina Christie President of Pelvic Solutions, we are able to provide this very exciting and cutting edge class in our list of class choices with the New Trier Adult Extension Program. Tina designed this ball to help her work with her own clients. Because her clients had much success with this therapy, it was suggested she introduce it to the world. Tina now travels throughout the world, teaching her Pelvic Core training to therapist and fitness instructors. One Sunday morning I was watching the news when I saw an interview with Tina and her invention. I knew immediately she was on to something big. It was more than obvious to me this would help so many of my own students. I picked up the phone to see how I could get this ball and the training. At the time Tina was only training other therapist. Fitness instructors were not on her list of teachers to approach. Lucky for me! Tina has open arms, allowing me to join all the therapist for a weekend training session. Personally, I had been suffering from much pain in my hips. Years of high impact aerobics, and running really had me hurting. 4-months into teaching and doing, all my hip pain was gone. 🙂

The pelvic core ball helps people with a variety of pelvic issues. Increasing core strength, working through the 3-Dimensional parts of our body, increasing the strength in your back and flexibility with your knees. Checkout Pelvic Core Solutions to get a glimpse of what this class is all about! Pelvic Core Solutions is a class for both men and women, focusing on strengthening your pelvic girdle and core to increase your mobility, strength, and stability using the specially designed Pelvicore Pro tool along with specific exercises taught by a certified instructor. Weak or imbalanced core muscles can lead to lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and pelvic floor dysfunction/incontinence. The pelvic girdle core is composed of your back abdomen, hips, and diaphragm, all of which are inter-connected and strengthened when they are worked together as a unit.

Be sure to check out the calendar for all of our class listings! To see the class gallery, click hereEvery workout has modifications for those who are in need of modifying.  

New Trier Adult Extension Fitness Classes


Learning to step, is just like learning to dance, with a little extra cardio. Once you learn the step patterns, it becomes much easier to follow. As the music speed increases, you will be flying across that the platform burning lots of calories while having lots of fun! Once you understand the different choices for stepping, you will see why anyone can do this workout!  All levels can workout together in a single class and still maximize for their individual needs.  You never need to be intimidated or feel like you don’t belong because everyone was new at some point.  If you are experienced, you can take it to whatever level helps you to get the quality workout you are looking for! Every workout has modifications for those who are in need of modifying. Gallery coming soon! 

New Trier Adult Extension Fitness Classes


Get yourself cardio fit and increase your strength in this fast-paced class. Enjoy a range of exercise all designed to keep you motivated, focused and pumper! This class will offer a variety of ways to increase your cardio capabilities and your strength. All fitness levels can participate, and modification will be designed for all. You will learn many new exercise techniques designed to help your mind stay focused, active, and alert for the whole hour, as I like to say; we are building new highways to stay sharp. 

New Trier Adult Extension Fitness Classes



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