New Trier Fitness Class Locations

NTX Fitness 

Monday Classes are Located at the Northfield Campus, New Trier West

Wednesday, and Saturday Classes located at Winnetka Campus



You are going to enter the school through the front entrance, Winnetka Ave. I like to call it the original front door. Once you enter the door turn right and follow the hallway to the sign Stairwell A.  Walk through the doors, turn left down one flight of stairs, turn left down 3 steps through the door turn right. Follow hallway to the  double doors. Come through the doors, our room is on the right. Hopefully the images will help. 

The Kick-box Studio has become a favorite place for most of our classes!  So many workout options here, along with the mirrors to watch our forms. It’s a great fitness studio for all our needs. From is everything when you are working out, the mirrors are helpful to ensure our form is perfect. Our kick-box equipment lets up spice it up for all our cardio efforts.  Another great way to increase our cardio workouts is our Step Aerobics classes! If that doesn’t capture your attention, maybe our mini trampoline workouts will! This room has allowed us to grow our classes with all the fun choices! 











New campus security for Northfield. Everyone now needs to enter on the West Side of the Campus.  A new fence surrounds the campus for security. Our entrance is the F Gate. It’s always been our entrance, however now there is a gate. This gate is suppose to be open for NTX evening classes. You will enter the F building to the left, where a guard will be attending the door entrance. Once you are in the building, you will go down the stairwell to the right of the entrance. 

Our Classes are held on the lower level of the F Building. To the right of the stairs on the lower level, is the dance studio. To the left of the stairs on the lower level is the Fitness Center. You can continue to walk the hallway to enter the Fitness Center at the front entrance. We are also often in this hallway for our fitness classes.

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