New Trier Fitness Class Locations

New Trier FAll  Fitness 2019

Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Classes are Held at  the Winnetka Campus

Tuesday Classes are held at New Trier West



Winnetka Rd.The East Entrance E26 is located on Essex. This street is east of the school and runs along side of the tennis courts. The E26 Entrance is north of the courts just before the original Gates Gym.  E26 is pictured below.  It is the official entrance for all our classes at the Winnetka Campus.  Normally there is a guard at this door. There are times the guard may not be at this door, this is when you would text me so I can get someone to let you in. 


1. The Kickbox Studio has become a favorite place for our classes due to all the additional workout options in this room and we have mirrors!  These are helpful  for our weight training efforts as good form is very important.  We have Kickbox equipment which has add an extra spice to our classes! In addition, we have the traditional Reebok Steps for Step Aerobics to help us with our cardio goals! If that doesn’t sound like fun,  we also kick it up with a  mini trampoline workout!  It’s given us a whole new place to exercise and enjoy! 

Kickbox Studio- Enter through (E26), turn left enter through the brown doors. (Guard will have unlocked) Walk the hallway towards the exit sign, just left of a gym door. That will lead you down the stairs to the lower level. Turn right and our studio will be on the left.

After the long cold winter, we become anxious to get outside. Once the weather permits,  we meet on the tennis courts for awhile, and use the track for our cardio portion of the class. Once summer is in full swing, we will meet at the Elder Park Pier for our exercise class. It’s the best! The sun is coming up while we are enjoying our hillside cardio work, then we move to the pier for the weight lifting and core conditioning portion of the class. We finish with a wonderful stretch cool down, listening to the waves, and watching the birds. It’s these memories that help us make it through the harsh winter. Take a look at our Class Gallery, I am sure you will be impressed! Class Gallery

The new entrance to the East Campus. This is located on the new drive, which is accessible from Essex’s on the east side of the school. The drive is to the left just past Gates Gym.

This entrance is only for the Saturday’s Sweat and Stretch Class in the Winter. We will use this location often. If we are not in this location, we use the kickbox studio. The door in this location is always locked. If class is held here, I will be a this door letting only my students in. To access the new drive you would enter Essex’s on the East Side of the Campus from Winnetka Ave.  Drive north just passing Gates Gym and a small parking lot on your left. You will see a one way sign, this is the new front drive of the school. Turn left, and drive halfway to opposite end, you will see this entrance. These are the doors I will be standing at before class begins.     
Winnetka Campus-Map


The best place to park is on the East Side of the Campus,accessible from the Frontage Road. If you are parking in the lot on Happ Rd you will enter the F Building which would be on your left as you walk across the crosswalk. Walk up the stairs and continue to walk until you see the entrance on your left. If you wanted to park on the east side, you can pull into the parking lots south of the school. Follow it around to the east side of the building. This is where you will find the shipping dock area. It is after school, so you can park on the ramp in those parking spaces or anywhere else close. You will be entering the B Building, which is the Extension building.
  Note: the images below, are the eastside of the campus, which is  the entrance to the NTX office. This is the B building. 

Classes held here are Tuesday evening classes. 

The Wellness Center is in the F Building and the Dance Studio we use is also in the F Building just down the hall from the Wellness Center.   Both of these rooms are on the lower level, which is the same level you will walk into from the B Building pictured below. The dance studio is to the right of the staircase and the wellness center is to the left, if you were coming down the steps from the front entrance of the F building. Students parking in the lot on Happ Rd. use this entrance when attending classes. They come down the steps I am referring to above. Turn right for dance studio, or left for wellness center.  

NTX Entrance, East Side of building. This is the shipping dock area, there is plenty of parking here. Especially nice when the weather is bad. 


This is the shipping dock area on the eastside of the school. During the evening classes,  feel free to park where you want  accept the superintendents spot. The staff is gone for the evening normally.  


This is the shipping dock area, you can park in during the evening classes. Lot’s of parking options to keep from being outside in the bad weather. Enter the NTX Office Doors, where I am taking this picture from. 

This is the hallway once you enter through the NTX doors by the docks. This is known as Building B. After you enter through the doors, you will soon see these doors. You will enter these doors and turn right, following the hallway all the way around to Building F, which is where we are located. Both the Wellness Center, and the Dance Studio. Signs are everywhere to help guide you to my classes.

New Trier West Campus-Map