New Trier Fitness Class Locations

This page of maps should help you find all  Beth Klobuchar-Mendez classes at both New Trier Campuses.  


Northfield Classes, Happ Rd, New Trier Campus, Building F

The best place to park is on the East Side of the Campus. Accessible from the Frontage Road, or if you are on Happ Rd. you would enter the  south parking lot and drive to the east side of the campus following the drive around to the shipping dock.  Note: the images below, are the eastside of the campus, which is  the entrance to the NTX office. they call this Building B.  More directions below.  These are the directions for parking to attend any of these classes.  Strength Training, Pilates, Group Personal Training, & Stretch & Flex, Monday through Wednesday.

The Wellness Center is in the F Building and the Dance Studio we use is also in the F Building.  Both of these rooms are on the lower level, which is the same level you will walk into from the B Building pictured below. The dance studio is to the right of the staircase and the wellness center is to the left, if you were coming down the steps. 

NTX Entrance, East Side of building. This is the shipping dock area, there is plenty of parking here. Especially nice when the weather is bad. 


This is the shipping dock area on the eastside of the school. During the evening classes,  feel free to park where you want. The staff is gone for the evening. 


This is the shipping dock area, you can park in during the evening classes. Lot’s of parking options to keep from being outside in the bad weather. Enter the NTX Office Doors.

This is the hallway once you enter through the NTX doors by the docks. This is known as Building B. After you enter through the doors, you will soon see these doors. You will enter these doors and turn right, following the hallway all the way around to Building F, which is where we are located. Both the Wellness Center, and the Dance Studio. Signs are everywhere to help guide you to my classes.

New Trier West Campus-Map




Winnetka  Campus Classes, Winnetka Rd.

This entrance is only for the Saturday’s Sweat and Stretch Class in the Winter.  The door does not have a guard and it is locked. I am at this door from 8:25 until around 8:50, which is when the stretch portion of the class begins.  (Full class runs from 8:30 to 9:15) The image below is the new entrance on the East Campus.  To access the new drive you would enter Essex’s on the East Side of the Campus entering from Winnetka Rd.   

The new entrance to the East Campus. This is located on the new drive, which is accessible from Essex’s on the east side of the school. The drive is to the left just past Gates Gym.



Sunrise Boot Camp, Kickbox, Pelvic Core

(to attend these classes, you must enter through E26 on the East Side of the Campus.

The East Entrance is E26, picture below. It is normally monitored by a guard, however, sometimes the guard is not there. 

This  is when you would send me a message, and I will send  someone to let you in. (luckily this is rare)




This is the official entrance for entering the East Campus. E26, which is monitored by guards. If for some reason there isn’t a guard, text me so I can send someone to let you in.  Thanks for your patience. they are working hard to secure the building to protect students. 


This is the E26 entrance view from the street,  as you can see to the right that is Gates Gym. A bus parking lot is on the left.









Once you enter through these doors (E26),  turn right, go up 5 steps to enter Gate’s Gym for sunrise boot camp

If you are going to kickbox,  turn left, enter through those doors,  walk towards the exit sign, which is a door, take the stairs down to the lower level, and  the kickbox studio will be the first room on the left. Here is a map to help you find your way.   

Winnetka Campus-Map