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New Trier, Gates Gym Demolition

So many memories of Gates Gym!

The local New Trier Community  will pay tribute to Gates Gym all through December. 

Our  Sunrise Bootcamp has it’s own memories to share! 3-Days a week for years sunrise boot-camp met 3-times a week to get fit and stay fit! Many of the  students attended this class for 30 plus years! This class became a great reason to get out of bed to get the workout completed early in the morning. 

The dedication  of these students was the most I have ever witnessed in my 30 year career. Students attended class faithfully,  would attend class during the coldest temps in the dark at 5:30am. Students risking falls on the ice to attend the class that made them fill fit and healthy. Good news, the gym was always a balmy 85 degrees +!  Never a cold moment, as we  would sweat our way through an hour of power! What a way to start the day! 

I will never forget the fun, the sweat, the tears! Also Rogers cooking!  During the summer we would meet at Elder Park to enjoy our early morning classes. What a beautiful site each and every day. When Gate Gym was in use, it was off to the kickbox studio, a whole new workout.  Take a moment to check out our classes!


Don’t forget all classes are still running in the evenings at both schools! 

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