Step Aerobics Music

Step Aerobics music is recorded to have a perfect 8 count. It’s not normally the type of music I like as it sounds a little fake to me. It offers an easy way for people to follow or hear the beat. Normally those who don’t follow the beat well, this music will make it easier. When you are stepping, you want to be on the beat, so you can follow and stay with everyone. When everyone is stepping together, the class flows to the beat and everyone stays on time. 


Steppin Weights designed for stepping 3 to 4 minutes, then weight lifting for 2 minutes. 


Step 2, Designed to take the beginner stepper to the next level. The beats per minute average 126 to 128 beats per minute. 

Intermediate Stepping, This music is prepared for the advanced stepper. The music is stable at 126 bpm. An advanced class will offer 130 bpm.


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