Supplies for Essential Oils Chemical Free Cleaning

This page includes the links to products I use for all my essential oil usages   

Since we began using essential oils over a year ago, we have noticed a few things.  We have not been sick with any viral illness, no colds, or the flu. Our neighbors are always complimenting us for the wonderful aromas coming from our home when they walk past our door.  We are sleeping better, even with our crazy schedules. My first interest with essential oils was to diffuse in my home naturally. After a small amount of time and research into essential oils, I realized chemical-free cleaning was my next step towards protecting our health.  To get everything set up the way I wanted, it took about 2 months to be free of chemicals. I have one small bottle of bleach I keep in our storage, for the one stubborn spot, however, I rarely need to use it, so maybe it is just an old habit, I should probably just let go. 

Now I am cleaning with chemical free, soft scrub for bathtubs, & sinks. I am cleaning my floors with a recipe that smells fantastic and cleans the floors great! No residue, and it shines.  We are washing our laundry with a great recipe, and we are making our own dryer recipe to keep the clothes smelling fresh and soft. I have made room spray, chemical-free version of Lysol, and shower cleaner, along with mold and mildew remover. (our home was built-in 1929, mold can be a challenge at times, and it is the worst for your health.) 

My next essential oil journey is making chemical free soaps and body lotions.  After the first time of using my soaps, I immediately noticed a difference with my skin, no more itching and much softer! The winters are the worse and my skin itches!  The essential oils soaps have made a huge difference for my skin!  Now, I am working to develop body lotions & winter body butter.  Some might call this a hobby and I do find it relaxing, however, it will be a new way of life and maybe something to make a little retirement income. 🙂 

It’s all a process, however, I enjoy learning new things. I hope to embrace this change in my life and look forward to learning more, on living in a chemical free environment. 

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Important ingredients to keep on hand for making your chemical-free cleaning products.

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda  

Dr. Bronner’s, unscented Pure-Castile-Soap



Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda

Citric Acid

Sal Suds

Isopropyl Alcohol

Essential Oils Tools

Essential Oils are best stored in glass. Some say it is ok to use the better plastic, however, I am trying to be earth-friendly.  

Glass Spray Bottles, Cleaning 

Cleaning products for the floor & laundry 

Large Glass Bottles

Personalized products, shoe sprays for stinky shoes, to NO-POO for the bathroom.  

2OZ Bottle

4OZ Bottle 


There is more to this list. I will update soon!