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Take care of you health and you will help to prevent, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Bone Disease. Look young and stay young if you manage your health through your physical fitness activities, and your ability to find your zen…

Is Silver Sneakers Covered?

The Silver Sneakers Fitness Program is offered by leading Medicare health plans and Medicare Supplement carriers throughout the country (including Puerto Rico).     “If your plan does not offer Silver Sneakers, call the plan’s customer service department and ask when it will add this valuable benefit!”   Blue Cross Medicare Advantage (HMO) The link below […]

Can you avoid incontinence as you age?


  Yes You Can Avoid Incontinence! As the inventor, Christina M. Christie has designed the Pelvicore  for rehabilitation, as well as, strength and conditioning.  This product has been functionally designed to effectively enhance the quality of life and freedom from dysfunction! This class is now offered at New Trier Adult Extension Center at the main campus […]

Provisional Diagnoses & Recomendations

Dr. Rosenbloom,  analyzed every detail of my scorecard combined with my blood test results to develop the proper prescription for prevention.   This was the most informative consult I have ever had with a doctor, especially as a “prevention” discussion and not  the dreaded discussion of already having a disease and the doctor prescribing  medications that I […]

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