NQWC Events for 2016

New Trier Adult Extension Center Fitness Classes

  • 5K  Run/Walk Team

 This group has come together to bring more attention to our health and wellness goals. We all share a common goal to stay happy, healthy and fit! As a group, we feel more committed, and connected to stay on target.  Men and Women, fast and slow, we are all winners!

June 2015,  was our first  5 K Walk/Run, which supported the non-profit “Youth Services of Glenview”. Approximately (8) students  participated. The group was a mix of  walkers and runners. It was a  hot day, so we were lucky to have an 8AM start!  The course was not to bad until, that last mile where they found a hill for us. Yikes it seemed like a mountain! Some of us hadn’t run for 20 plus years, and for others it was their first time to do anything like this.

Our first race was a great success for all, and a special treat for Rita who won a Silver Medal!  We are all so inspired by Rita!

Rita Silver Medal Youth Make a Difference 5KWe love Rita’s energy and spunk! Congratulations!





Check back often! Watch for our new lineup this year!

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