Pop Up Fitness Classes, NTX

It’s time to kick things up a bit!

New Style Workout Classes! Minimal commitment, Maximized  Benefits!

A new way to experience  exercise, new, different & fun!  Short term quick decision fitness!

It is my vision to add several styles of POPUP Classes with New Trier NTX through out the year. POPUP classes, are designed to for new experiences. Helping to push you out of your comfort-zone, in order to experience without the long term commitment. Learn how to Jog, or Run, to understanding how to work with successful interval training.  Some may want to experience other class styles like the popular Barre Classes,  Zumba, Boot-camps, Kickboxing  etc… Classes are designed for small groups, in order to provide to provide a personal training like atmosphere when you attend a POPUP Class.   

Classes will be announced  around 5 to 8 days ahead of time. When the class announcement is made, registration will be open.  You will not want to wait, as a  POPUP class  will only have (8) spaces available! The Personal Training Touch!   

$14.00 dollars per  POPUP class is a small investment for your body to stay healthy and younger feeling! 

  1. Compliment your weekly workouts, will help you to achieve your fitness goals faster! 
  2. Maybe you are bored, feel the need for more inspiration? 
  3. You don’t want a personal trainer, however you need more guidance? 

Pop Up Fitness Classes are for you! 

The launch of POP Fitness Classes is new for New Trier Adult Extension. We hope to grow this new style of  fitness class offering. Based on student feedback we hope to add many styles of fitness classes as the POPUP classes grow!   

Space in these classes is limited in order to provide the personal touch of a personal trainer, improving the overall experience for the individual student.

NOTE: If a POP Class fills to maximum, a second class waiting list will be available. 

March Pop Up Fitness

March 5th, 2020 the first pop up fitness class offered. Core Activation! Learn More Here!

March 12th, 2020 will be the next pop up class. Be the first to know what classes are coming! 

All classes will be listed one week before registration opens! Checkout the Calendar of Events!                                 

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