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The Following Links are the products used to make chemical free cleaning products with essential oils. The links will take you to the product on Amazon.
(I am an affiliate marketer for Amazon, I will make a small commission from Amazon, when you click on my links.)

The Essential Oils are from doTerra. Log into your own doTerra account to order your oils. Or follow this link to place your orders. 


Ingredients for Chemical Free Cleaning

Dr.Bronner’s Sal
Millard Citric Acid
Super washing Soda

Reed Diffusers & Car Diffusers using doTerra Essential Oils

Car Fragrance Essential Oil
Uniharpa reed
Premium brown wavy reeds

Glass Bottles, Pumps, & Spray

Vivaplex glass bottles
16 ounce clear glass boston round bottles
16 ounce clear glass spray bottles
Vivaplex 2 oz glass bottles
Bormioli rocco giara clear glass

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