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Northwestern University Recreation Center Evanston IL

“Beth’s enthusiasm, ability to clearly articulate, and fitness experience impress me the most. Even at 7am on a Monday when her students are still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, she smiles and greets us very energetically. She is also great at engaging us with varied exercise routines to target muscle groups, which are easily neglected by most people. Her step-by-step and succinct instruction makes her exercise routines very easy to follow and repeat. In fact, I now use and incorporate them into my own gym workouts on a weekly basis. Quick to identify the strengths and weaknesses of her students, she pushes us beyond our limits to achieve results. For example, while training for my first 5K in June 2011, I had difficulty running more than 1.5 miles at a time, so I consulted Beth, a veteran marathoner, for advice on how to properly train for distance running. Using her helpful tips, I am now able to run up to 6 miles (almost a 10K) within 5 months! I would highly, highly recommend Beth as a fitness instructor!”

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