Provisional Diagnoses & Recomendations

Dr. Rosenbloom,  analyzed every detail of my scorecard combined with my blood test results to develop the proper prescription for prevention.   This was the most informative consult I have ever had with a doctor, especially as a “prevention” discussion and not  the dreaded discussion of already having a disease and the doctor prescribing  medications that I would need to  take for the rest of my life.  The verdict is in, my hormones are  unbalanced and I am in Perimenopause! 13 months of hot flashes so far!

  Unbalanced hormones, weight gain, fatigue, and  sleepless nights, no wonder my tests are showing  less than favorable results , all of which will effect my health in a negative way long term.  Perimenopause could  could go on for up to (10) years, making my fitness goals almost impossible to achieve. Ultimately this could lead to diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc… Even  with all the motivation and focus I have, I do not believe I could tolerate this level of health and push forward with any success.

I have to take action through prevention now!

 “prescription for prevention”

The Provisional  Diagnosis and Recommendations:

  • Hormone Replacement Program- plant based natural
  • Dietary Indoles Supplement
  • Adequate DHEA (cortisol management for stress)
  • Multivitamin w/zinc, selenium plus additional iodine to improve thyroid function
  • Nature-Thyroid
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • B6, B12, Folate, TMG supplements
  • Krill Oil
  • Circumin
  • Probiotics

This may look like a lot of supplements, however this is how I see it. The blood test do not lie, and if  the doctor can prescribe supplements based on the facts of my results  how can I deny this therapy? A specific prescription has been given based on my specific testing.  In (3) months I will have a new blood test to see where my numbers are at that time. If not for this strategy, other more traditional doctors would have prescribed pharmaceutical thyroid medications, producing more side effects to deal with. Possibly the ever popular sleeping pills that are so bad for people. Properly prescribed supplements don’t cause negative side effects, only good side effects ultimately letting you graduate from the extra supplement support. As I go forward and my body becomes balanced with the bio-identical hormone therapies, I will graduate to a daily multivitamin I suspect and possibly a calcium supplement.

I will have to take responsibility for my fitness goals. Increasing my  interval training so that I can get my Aerobic and Anaerobic rates where they  should be, (15) minutes a day will bring me back to the  excellent category.  As for my hormone therapies, I will now get back to the proper balance and will see weight loss, my fatigue will disappear and I will start sleeping full nights again.

Dr. Rosenbloom is a fan of  good fitness goals, cross training with aerobic intervals for your heart and lungs.  Weight bearing activity’s, mixed with cross training activity’s will insure  optimal  health goals.

Low glycemic diet along with  antibiotic free meat and cage free eggs is a plus.

As for me, this is my wake up call! So for those of you who like to  work out with me we are going to work hard and have lot’s of fun, I promise. You will learn your aerobic & anaerobic thresholds for your maximum health.

If you like following my story, I will be sharing many things to come. I hope I can motivate everyone to understand prevention and try not to submit to the pharmaceutical world.  Or for those of you who are already on pharmaceutical’s, there is a way to reverse your diagnosis if you are committed.




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