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Do you really need to buy a FitBit?

Health and Wellness Trackers are the rage!

Fitbit to Smart Watches they make you feel guilty if you don’t  get up and move it’s all the rage!  The market growth has far surpassed all predictions for this industry, which is great considering the USA is plagued with overweight/obese and unhealthy people. People are getting up and moving due to these fun little devices that  provide casual warnings about your health and the damage if you sit to long.

They are great if they make you get up and move, however the challenge for many is affordability.  Since they try to compete at the lower level to keep the cost down, they take away the most important factor and that is the ability to monitor your heart rate. Fitness is all about understanding your  heart goals so you can work at the level you are supposed to based on your age. It’s critical to stay cardio fit, to reduce the signs of aging.

For those who can’t justify the cost you  to can still get help with the many Free APS for your  Smart Phones and Iphones.

Checkout this latest article about Wellness and Fitness Trackers.  

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