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Stress and Fat

Yes Stress causes Fat!

This article was in my inbox today and I cold not wait to share it! This is so true, and I can say from my experience.  I made a lifestyle change in July to reduce my stress, and  I lost 20 lbs!

As a physical fitness instructor I  battle the bulge. I can go up and down 20 lbs, if I am not careful.   I teach several fitness classes a week, so most people don’t understand why this would be happening to me.  I am burdened with  a hectic schedule, and a stressful life, along with constantly feeling hungry.

It’s difficult to reduce stress. I don’t have the magic answer other than what works for me as an individual, and that is running. If I can get 2-3 runs in a week, I can honestly say I feel better.

Another word to get to know,Betatrophin

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