The Prescription for Healthy Aging




Prescribing To Healthy Aging

Wow! What did you think about that blood test?

Has your doctor ever tested all these areas of your blood?  PROBABLY NOT!

Often times the doctor  allows the insurance company dictate your health. It is that simple, and the insurance company is not interested in your health, they are interested in your disease and how long you will live or not. As for me, now that the test are complete here  is my supplement prescription. Of course many of these are developed right here in Evanston at  Dr. Rosenblooms  FDA approved lab.  The goal of the supplement prescription is to bring my numbers back to  there OPTIMUM  readings.


Daily Power Gamma E Indole Forte
Krill Oil Max Curcumin Methyl Balance
Probiotics with FOS S. Boulardi Betten Aid
Melatonin SR 3


Now that these details are out of the way, I will share with you how I am feeling this week and what is happening.

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