Are you responsible for your health?

This is a discussion I seem to be in often these days. As my parents are aging and my friends parents are aging, we are witnessing something we never expected. Their will to take care of themselves is basically gone. Their behaviors range from running to the doctors getting prescriptions,to ignoring everything avoiding doctors and not taking medications if they are prescribed. All of which is playing Russian roulette with their health.
Most recently my friends parent became seriously ill, and is now facing major surgery and rehabilitation. Most likely if she had taken her medications like instructed and she changed just a few things this could all be avoided. When she finally leaves the hospital, she will go to a rehab facility for a small amount of time then returning to her home; this is when everyone will have to adjust there lives in order to help her, and their father during this time.
I ask: Are parents responsible for taking care of themselves? If they choose to abuse themselves does the responsibility fall on the family to pick up the pieces?

Many parents work raising children with knowledge of what drugs can do to destroy you. In some cases a child goes toward that path anyway, forcing the parents to eventually do the “tuff love” and letting go, in order to get the child to realize they are destroying themselves.

Does anyone see a pattern here?


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