Assessment Day at LIFEFORCE

I arrived at  LIFEFORCE Medical Institute  around 9:00 AM and was greeted by Susan. She escorted me to the patient suite, which offers WI-FI!!! A working girl cannot be without her computer! I settled right in and made myself comfortable waiting to begin my fitness assessment.   Susan told me that  Marylynne would be working with me to do the assessments and that she would be right with me.  A couple of minutes later Marylynne came in to the room and sat down to talk to me about my past & current health conditions, and what my concerns were. As we talked she gave me an overview of the day and what would be taking place. It was her desire to insure I was comfortable and relaxed.

Of course I was feeling like I was ready for any test no intimidation what soever, after all; I am a fitness instructor right? 🙂  I was thinking why would I be worried, I work out all the time and I have been a personal trainer for years, I am completely ready to go through the procedures.  Marylynne escorted me to the room where there is a treadmill, stationary bike , mats and other gym toys as I call them. However the VO2 oxygen equipment was a new addition for me and the Dexa Body Scan. In the past  I had always looked at the Dexa Body scan from afar, thinking to myself I am not getting on that thing, no-way do I want to have a picture of me,  I do not want to know anything… humm was this the first stage of denial??

Marylynne had me do a few things like sitting straight up and reaching past my toes with my legs flat. Not typically to big of a deal, except my hamstrings are always way to tight. Of course this was measured with the stretch box as I like to call it.

Next were planks, no worries we have practiced them most of the year in class.  Then we moved to balancing, again knowing we have been practicing in class I felt secure in my abilities. I lifted my knee sharing my thoughts with Marylynne, that I could do this for a long time.  She replied, I need you to shut your eyes and then we will start the timer. Yikes! that was hard, my arms were flinging all over the place; however I scored  an“average” for static balance. (I will get to this result later)   After a few test on the  floor  we moved to the treadmill, it was time to measure my oxygen intake. First let me give you the full and true definition.

(no this is not me)

VO2 Cardio Coach The Cardio Coach System measures your heart rate and your oxygen consumption (VO2). The more oxygen you can use the greater your fitness level! It works by analyzing your VO2 and finding at what heart rate your body crosses its threshold of aerobic  and anaerobic intensity.  Once your aerobic threshold and anaerobic threshold are measured, your true Target Workout Zones can be found. (as you  know I talk about our happy place all the time)

This is the proper definition for what we have been working on at the track, our version much less accurate.  Marylynne  proceeded to put the mask on which has an air hose. I really didn’t have an issue with the mask, however  Marylynne was really good about making sure I was comfortable and all things were good. Of course this can be done on a cycle if you do not want to walk or run. Again, living in my false sense of being an athlete, I began to walk while Marylynne increased the incline on the treadmill working to increase the intensity fast to get the accurate measurements.  I’m thinking to myself, I know I will be around 165 to 170 for anaerobic, and typically my aerobic zone is 158 or so…. Nope another pipe dream! 148 was it! with an anaerobic peak of 158! ugh… I lost this amount of ability over a 1-2 year time span. 1-2 years ago I wore my heart rate monitors when ever I was on equipment at the gym so I was really in tune with my heart rates and goals, this is why this has caught me off guard.

I like to tell people I was scared straight at around 21 years old, when my father had his first heart attack at the age of (47). I made a huge change in my life and this had always been a focus with my fitness training. Some women are hung up on their thighs, and men on their muscles, for me I have always focused on a healthy heart.  My motto: If your heart is healthy your body will follow… that to me was simple, no thrills, bells or whistle just straight up numbers.

At this point, I still need to lie down on the Dexa Body Scan….. Then there is the Scale!!! OMG!

Until next time, stay tuned!

BTW-this is dedicated to the fountain of youth! you know who you are….


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