True assessments of your health!

First let me share, I’m not a fan of Western Medicine, or the pharmaceutical industry. I am a supporter of health management and not disease management.  As an example my mother  come back from the doctors  and told me her triglycerides were only 299, quoting the doctor as saying “well they are ok don’t let them get any higher or there may be something to worry about”.


He gave her another excuse to say it’s ok, I do not have to worry yet. OMG!

Why wouldn’t he speak to her about getting a hold now and prevention? I get  frustrated by this type of health care, it is truly the mindset of disease care. OK I am off my soap box.

I have found this with Dr. Rosenbloom of LIFEFORCE Medical Institute. I can’t wait to share the process, the assessment, the prescription, and the on-going results.

If you are interested in knowing what happened with my health assessment,  go to my contacts page and let me know. I promise you will find it  interesting, informative and an eye opener.


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