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Beth want’s Your Feed-Back! New Trier Adult Fitness Classes…

Hello to all past and present  Fitness Students!

New Trier Adult Extension Center!


We Value your FEED-BACK and your OPINION!


I am sooo… tired of the cold!  I thought it was time to prepare for our  2016 Summer Fitness Class Offerings!  While working on this project, I felt it would be nice to get everyone’s opinion and feed-back!  My goal is to ramp up our program to help everyone reach their goals, while having lot’s of fun! Fitness Goals

Currently our class sizes range from 18-28 students per class which is fantastic!  I can’t help but wonder if we had more options or something different to offer if we could grow the classes even larger. Our space is working for us at both campuses.  We are happy with the growth this past year, and all the success stories!  Our students have lost over 250-lbs this past year!  Success stories are constantly  shared, many of you feel better and feel stronger! Ultimately I will be sharing all the stories!

To help with this effort, I have prepared a small survey for you to answer. I promise it is only (10) questions. Most of  which are multiple choice, with an additional place to provide your feed-back!

*This notice  is going out to everyone who has taken a fitness class or is  currently in a class. Your answers are confidential, and will only be used to help us to understand where our focus should be.

Please follow the link below to this brief survey. Your participation  will ensure the best program yet for our 2016 Summer Offerings!

Your Opinion Counts!

Thanks in advance for answering the survey! I can’t wait to see the results and to start building on this program offering.


Beth Klobuchar-Oliver

Beth Klobuchar-Oliver





*For those who do not wish to receive updates, or feed-back survey’s, please let me know and I will remove you from the contact list.

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