You Can enjoy a variety of fitness classes at New Trier Adult Extension

If you join New Trier for your fitness goals, you will get way more than what you bargained for! 

Being fit, means you are working to take care of your body, your health and your mind. A flexible mind is a fit mind. Lack of flexibility for our bodies is detrimental to our health, same as  a non-flexible mind.

As they say, go with the flow, except change, enjoy the options. This is all designed to help you become open to daily changes as not to inflict more injuries to our body’s. Repeating the same fitness regimen, causes the body to ignore and hold on-to those calories. It’s all about switching things up as much as possible! This is often another reason I do not assign names to our classes. This causes people to do only one style of exercise, which has been proven to be less effective for weight loss, and strength training, while this promotes injury. 

When you attend a New Trier Fitness Class, you will get to experience several exercise options. Of course no-matter what, modifications are made for all! 

Strength Training Cardio Capacity, Karvonen Pilates Pelvic Core
Yoga Ball Training, (this is not Yoga)  Isometrics Strength Training Balance Kick-Box
Cognitive Work, Awkward Movement  Slow Your Role Stretch Proper Interval Training for your Heart & Lungs Basic Fitness 


Check out our Year Book! We have year books dating back to 2015! 

Check out all our other year books! 

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