Corona Plank Off, Win Big!

Corona Plank off contest,  just took a new turn! 


More Ways to win! 

Everyone wants to plank! Of course we can adjust our planks for different ages! It’s important everyone is able to participate, as it is important everyone can plank for life.

Corona Plank Off ‘s! Following Rules:

Plank Styles Allowed

Floor Planks– 60 and younger

Modified Floor Planks-60 and older

Wall Planks-Over 60

Wall Plank with one leg up– Over 60

 Testing will take place when we return to classes! You have plenty of time to practice your planks!  Testing will take place in each class the entire week upon our return. If you achieve the 4-minute plank you will be entered into the contest to win 5-hours of Personal Training! 



You have many opportunities to win this contest. If you are not able to achieve your 4- minute plank goal the first time, try again and again until the last class of the week on Saturday!  If you have an off day, this is a great chance to try again! Everyone who achieves the 4-minute plank will be entered into the drawing to win 5-Hours Personal Training!    



When you are out and about walking, or in a building,  find the most creative, interesting, crazy place you can think of to do your Corona Plank!  Send your pics in for the Plank Gallery! This is where the vote will take place! 

As we are all forced to stay in jail during this pandemic,  we need to keep our focus for staying healthy and fit. If not for your body, then for your mind, as this crises is  causing more & more  stress as the days go on.  None of us are really safe from the CORONA VIRUS 19. Until there is testing, we are at risk, as people continue to move about in public as if that is OK. 

 We need to work hard to STAY TRUE TO OUR GOALS,  for living a healthy life style which includes fitness. Fitness at home may not be as fun, and at times difficult, as you don’t always remember what to do.  I get it,happens to me all the time! More then ever, you want to practice being flexible. Flexibility for your workouts is a must.  Make the adjustments so your mind will continue to be flexible. A flexible mind is a healthy mind, free to see the value of change.  

Define Quarantine: Lot’s of time to reach or  increase your fitness goals!  Workout at home inside or outside!  Focusing on the  Corona Planks will help you stay on track with your strength training. Everyone should be planking everyday.     

When you are out and about, or in a building, find the most creative, interesting, crazy place you can think of to plank!  YES CRAZY!!


   THE BEST MOST CREATIVE PICTURE WILL WIN!!!  1-Hour of Personal Training!  

Keep an eye on our Corona Plank Gallery! Soon you will be able to vote on the best most creative Planks!   

Checkout our Gallery of Corona Planks!   

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Corona Plank Off, Win Big!

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  1. Don’t forget to checkout the Planks Gallery!

    Beth KM March 17, 2020 at 9:47 pm #

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