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Corona Virus has forced us all out of our comfort zones for sure! 

Stuck in our homes doing our best to follow quarantine rules.  For some, stuck in our homes will have a negative impact on our health, depression sinks in, emotional eating takes over, isolation, increased alcohol consumption, &  disconnection, just  to mention a few.  

Once we leave quarantine which meeting do we attend first? AA or Weight Watchers? 

Most of us, hadn’t experienced a global pandemic crises, who would have thought right here in our own backyard we would face the Corona Virus Pandemic. By the way if you are catching up on missed movies, check this one out!  2011 Movie Contagion,  The similarities to what we face today is  crazy spooky! 

The good news is, we can adapt, this is what makes us unique!  Speaking directly to those who know the importance of exercise for the body and soul.  It’s true, if staying fit is your priority in life, you already enjoy the effects of a flexible mind.  A flexible mind is an important trait, as you are able to stay on track for your goals no matter what  obstacles you may be faced with.  At this time our obstacle is Corona Virus. As good corporate citizens we are doing our best to follow the quarantine rules and social distancing, forcing us to move our fitness classes to online streaming.

For some this might be difficult, if you do not have the necessary technology to view a class online, I am truly sorry.  For most there are a few fears in the way of your fitness goals. Some do not want to be on video, while others need help learning their computer and the technology to join Zoom.  

I understand  completely as I work with clients everyday on line, teaching folks how to use their computers, tablets, and  software.  Many of you may not know,  teaching fitness is my passion and fun, however the other side to my world is Technology.  As a St Louis University Graduate with a  Computer Science degree, I accepted a position with Pitney Bowes.  Pitney was looking to move the company into the 21st century. increasing their market for computer hardware/software technologies. After 25 years with PB, I left to open my  Free Lance business  NQ Technology Consulting. 

My love for technology, combined with teaching is  my happy place!  NQ Technology provides all types of technology services for clients all over the world. 

 NTX Fitness Classes are using the very popular program called Zoom. There are several ways to work with Zoom, this is why I choose this platform for our classes. If you do not have a computer, you can call the number provided on the meeting information, and listen to the class.  It’s an easy way to join class without a computer.

If you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can easily download the Zoom APP. Sign up is free!

Download the APP to any of the devices I mention and you will be ready to stream in no time!  The class schedule has all the class information, with Zoom details. Multiple classes run each day. To simplify the process for students, there is one meeting Log In ID per day.  Log in when you want, as most days are 2-3 classes running.  One log in for all classes. You can join when you want, and leave when you want! 

Staying healthy and fit all the time is my goal and the goal of most of my students.  With that, I am willing to offer my time to anyone who needs extra guidance on their computer or tablet so you can join our online fitness classes in no time!   Follow here, class schedule for NTX Fitness Classes. 

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