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It’s time to take our fitness habits to a new level!  Walkers to runners, we need to add more movement in our lives everyday. Sure you might take a fitness class or two and feel like this is all you can do each week.  But wait, are you getting healthier? Are you wondering why you can’t lose weight or gain more strength? Are you still “out of breath” when you go up and down steps?

It’s time to jump-start fitness goals and get some results for all your efforts!

I brought the idea of entering local 5K races to my students in April of  2015. They were a bit apprehensive to my idea. No let me be honest, they said “no way!”, we don’t run, or I can’t jog was the typical answer. I followed up with do you walk? My students know I will always follow-up with a fix, when they think there isn’t a fix. They couldn’t tell me anything to make me believe they couldn’t join us when it comes to their abilities. I can accept work, family, and home life as an excuse, but not “physical ability”.  Since they participate  in my exercise classes, they know I know they are very capable  to commit to our new goals.

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Our 1st 5K race was June 2015, in Glenview IL. The organization sponsoring the event was Youth Make A Difference. 6- New Trier students showed up to participate in this race. The morning was already hot, and the sun was bright. For me personally I had not participated in a 5-K race  for almost 30 years.  For some of the team this was their first race ever, and others had  some past experiences. A few team members participated in the 5K Walk.

Our 2nd race…? (more to come)

Our 3rd race was the OLPHUN 5K at Jackman Park in Glenview,  October 2015.  The weather was cold and gloomy. We all could have easily stayed in bed and skipped this one. The entry fee goes to a good cause, so who cares if you don’t run, is what I was thinking. To my surprise 5 team members arrived ready to race.  It was great knowing  we all  could push through the gloom, and cold to complete our goal.

It’s a great feeling when you make it to the finish line. It’s fun  to share our thoughts and our experiences of the run. Your endorphins are at their peak, you are out of breath and your heart is pounding out of your chest. This is when you feel light as a feather for  5 to 10 minutes, like walking on air!  It’s my addiction! It’s fun and refreshing!  It’s a great moment to relate and share feelings with everyone who just  experienced the same run. We share the good, the bad, the ugly, and  we all  share a great sense of accomplishment.

Highland Park Cupid’s Dash, February 14th. Wow what a cold day this was. 16 degrees, windchills below zero and 25 mile an hour winds! Did I point out the hills in Highland Park? Yes hill all throughout this race. Only 2 students and myself were able to run this race, and each only experienced a 3 minutes slow down! This is a new level of Beast!  

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