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Eating to Prepare for the 5K

Diets, who likes them? Not me!


I would rather focus on what I can eat and what is good for me, then to take away food. The focus for this post will be how to eat for fitness.

Today more then ever, people are suffering, food allergies, intolerance to gluten, carbohydrate intolerance’s and much more. How can you learn what and what not to eat based on your health or your fitness goals?  Without food, you are to weak to endure a good workout program or run a 5K. When and if you start a good workout program, you want to eat more and you get to eat more food!  As an “Athlete” which you are if you are following weekly workout programs and achieving your goals.

Recently I  discovered a book called The Athlete’s Fix. This book is  talked about on  another  site that I think is worthy and informative. Checkout it out!  “Velopress”

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