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New Trier Class Updates, Spring 2016


New classes at the New Trier Adult Education Center.

Classes are on their way this week, and I would like to welcome all of the new students and welcome back to all the returning students!  Our classes are large, which makes them so much more fun!

As an extra perk for taking my fitness classes, if you miss a class, you can make up your time in any other classes.  I am grateful to have you working out in my classes, and for taking the extra step to make fitness a part of your life. All  to often things come up that cause us to miss a class or two and that makes it a difficult decision when we pay for our classes at once. To remove any concern for classes being missed you may make up your time in any other classes I am teaching, which are listed here below.

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunrise Bootcamp-6:50-7:50 /PM/ New Trier East Campus,  Winnetka IL, Main Gym
  • Monday Evening, Strength Training, 6:30-7:30/PM, New Trier Main Campus, Happ Rd. Northfield IL
  • Wednesday Evening, Pelvic Core Strengthening, 6:30-7:30/PM, Main New Trier Campus, Happ Rd. Northfield IL
  • Thursday Evening, Personal Group Training, 6:00-8:00/PM, New Trier  Main Campus, Happ Rd. Northfield IL

In most classes you will hear me talk about understanding your Heart Rate Goals, based on the Karvonen Formula. It is extremely important to understand this metric for your cardiovascular training success. Jumpstart your metabolism, while increasing your cardio strength.  Follow this link to learn how to measure your goals.

Classes at NT East Campus, Winnetka

When you attend a class at the New Trier East Campus on Winnetka Ave,  you will need to bring your weights and a matt. I highly suggest you have 2 sets of weights, heavy and lights, so you can continue to increase your strengthening goals. We work in the large main- gym located on the East side of the campus on Essex,  which is next to the Tennis Courts.

Note: A storage box has been added to the closet in the gym, so you can leave your weights. They will be kept locked and safe, available for our classes.

To help us stay connected, and to stay motivated we often do other types of fitness activities. Some days we “Kick-Box” in the Kick-Box studio. An announcement is made before the class via a “group text message”. When you receive this message, you will park on Winnetka Ave and enter the front of the building, follow the hallway to your right and go downstairs. Turn right, and follow to the Kick-box studio.

Classes at NT West Campus, Happ Rd.

All  classes are held in the Wellness Center on the lower level. If the class is extra-large, we use the large hallway on the south side of the Wellness Center.  Class held at this location you will New need to bring weights or mats normally.

NOTE: For the Pelvic Core strengthening class you may need to bring your own mat to ensure you have a mat to lay on. We currently can hold up to 10 students on the mats we have in the center.


Soon the equipment I recommend will be added to the site.

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