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This is a whole body workout session designed to tone and sculpt your body and improve your personal fitness level and agility. High energy interval training features a combination of strength, core and cardio drills for a complete workout that will get you into shape. All levels are welcome; work at your own pace.

We use the gym, or when weather permits we are outside. For special times we use the kick-box studio and the dance studios to change it up for fun!
Please bring an exercise mat, hand weights, towel, and water.

Class are M/W/F
Seniors $185 / $208



Personal Group Training

Personal Group Training, 17 sessions

Here is your chance to have a personal trainer, in a group atmosphere. This is a results driven class designed to take you to the next level of fitness. Enjoy the benefits of personal training combined with the motivation that comes from being part of a team. Bring your fitness goals to the trainer for a program designed just for you. Your personal program will be different every four weeks so you stay focused and motivated. Small group training will teach you how to work out and keep your body injury free, with a primary focus on staying healthy and fit. An interval-inspired routine will test your cardiovascular fitness, along with body conditioning through strength training, with additional focus on stretch and balance. Lot’s of fun and lot’s of individual work at your pace.

Seniors $189 / $209




Circuit Strength Training, 16 Sessions

All the latest research suggests strength training is key to maintaining health and retaining ourth. Strength training releases hormones fro your endocrine system into the bloodstream which activate blood, muscles, cells, bones and tissues. Come join us for a music-driven hour of strength training utilizing free weights, tubing, medicine balls and your own body weight. No age requirement, no previous experience, no jumping or explosive movements. All you need isa smile on your face and a spring in your step.
We have a lot of fun in this class! It changes weekly so you will always be doing new things and challenging your muscles!

Seniors $150 / $176


Core and Back Strength

Core & Back Strength Class, 16 Sessions

This class for both men and women, will strengthen your pelvic girdle and core to increase your mobility, strength and stability using the specially designed Pelvicore Pro tool and specific exercises taught by certified instructor. Weak or imbalanced core muscles can lead to lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain and pelvic floor dysfunction/incontinence. The pelvic girdle core is composed of your back abdominals, hips and diaphragm, all of which are interconnected and strengthen when they are worked together as a unit.

The Ball is a separate charge. $40 (Your ball can be purchased on the first evening of the class)

Seniors $150 / $176


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