New Trier, Summer Session begins in June!

Summer is here and so are the new classes at New Trier!Don’t risk not getting into  your favorite class! Sign up early to save your space

Sunrise Bootcamp

This class meets at 5:50 am at the New Trier East Campus. That’s right a sunrise class, exhilarating and never boring. Crawl out of bed and show up. Within minutes you will be wide awake! Strengthen, Tone and best of all reach the cardio fitness levels for your age!

Circuit-Strength Training

All the latest research suggest strength training is key to maintaining health and retaining youth.  Strength training releases hormones from our endocrine system into the bloodstream which activate blood, muscles, cells, bones and tissues. Join this fun hour, and listen to great music too! Never a dull moment in this class! For fun we set the timer for one minute and work with stations, moving to a new station every other minute. Check it out for your self! Come by and try it out, see if you like it, then sign up.

Personal Group Training

This is a results-driven class designed to take you to the next level of fitness. Enjoy the benefits of personal training combined with the motivation that comes from being part of a team. Bring your fitness goals to the trainer for a program designed just for you.  The center is officially open from 6-8, however unofficially we often open by 5:00, so check with the trainer. Learn how to use equipment in the gym, understand interval training, and learn why you need strength training.


Core and Back Strengthening Class

This class is sweeping the country! Thanks to a local physical therapist, we are able to provide this very exciting and cutting edge class. The focus is to increase your core strength, working through the 3-Dimensional parts of our body, increasing the strength in your back and flexibility with your knees. Checkout Pelvic Core Solutions to get a glimpse of what this class is all about. ! Pelvic Core Solutions


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