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Change your whole appearance – just by being upright & standing taller! 

An upright body makes you look taller and slimmer. Think about it: slumping and slouching lets your stomach hang out and look bigger than it actually is. Standing and sitting with straight, upright posture pulls it all in, giving you the appearance of being inches taller and up to 10 pounds lighter! Who wouldn’t want an instant tummy tuck?

Bring more calm into your daily routine by tuning into your body.

It’s been proven, how you hold your body affects your mood. The body language of a stressed-out person looks different than someone at ease. Thankfully, you can change the course of your day simply by sitting up straight. Taking a deep breath and becoming more aware of your body will reduce the production of stress hormones in your brain. Just as others will perceive you as more confident and capable, you, too, will perceive yourself in a more favorable light. Holding yourself upright may be the key to unlocking your true potential.

Enhance Your Vitality, Strength, And Energy

Relieve pressure and strain on your back. Sitting or standing in a slouched position for long periods of time can put undue strain on your back, especially if you are mostly inactive during the workday. Along with muscle fatigue, slumping can lead to neck pain, breathing limitations, and digestive problems. Developing posture awareness helps balance your body alignment while preventing pain and discomfort. 





Now you have the chance to experience, with our Stand Taller POPUP CLASS! Spaces are limited! Registration Opens Friday March 6th!  Register


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