We have a Winner!

To encourage early registration for my classes helps us to know if a class is going to run and to ease the stress of last-minute enrollment for Dede and Melanie. Thank you to everyone who registers early to help us out.  My favorite giveaways are Essential Oils or Heart Rate Monitors, both are a fantastic addition to living a healthy fit life! 


The winner of this drawing is Candace Angst!

Candace love working with the Yoga Ball

Don’t let aging define your fitness!


Candace has been a devoted student for 3 or more years! She works hard in all her classes and helps to make others feel welcomed. Candace has increased her cardio capabilities, her strength, her balance, and her flexibility while attending our fitness classes. She always comes to class with a smile! You can see her on the Yoga Ball, in the pink shirt! 

Two of my favorite sayings;

1. NQ, “never quit”, 2. Don’t let aging define your fitness. 

Candace has achieved both!  



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