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   We are now a month into our new classes! Many of you have taken advantage of attending multiple classes in order to get the results you are looking for! Some of you  want more muscle, some want weight loss, and others want more flexibility. 
😁🏋 💪 🚶
If you are not getting closer to your goals and it seems slow, don’t get frustrated, do more! 
 More classes, or commercial workouts! 
If you are expecting big changes by working out one time a week, I hate to break the news to ya, it won’t happen…. It’s a start so don’t let me discourage you, especially, if you are managing your diet and seeing results, everything helps! 
That’s why I am sending you this great  oppurtunity to do a little something more! 
It’s fun, a chance to support a good cause, and you might really enjoy how you feel after you are done. 😁
Are you excited to hear more about this opportunity?
Hey sunrise bootcamp! I will see you for the sunrise class in the kick box room! 🙂 

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