New Trier Winter Fitness Classes, 2022!

Join us as we all try to get our pre-pandemic body’s back in shape! New Trier Winter 2022, fitness classes! 

Cardio Strength to Pilates, and everything in between. No reason not to try a class out, we love visitors! 


There is a class for everyone’s level of fitness. Step out of your comfort zone and take a new class! Meet new people to get fit with. Why not, you have nothing to loose other than the pandemic 15lbs! Want to build muscle? Then join us, for a new set of biceps! Weight training is crucial to jump start the metabolism, so your body can begin to burn calories. As you lose weight, your muscles will begin to show, which means you will have a sculpted look to those arms, which is exactly what we want to have! 


What does it take to get you motivated? Group fitness is the most rewarding experience for most. The statistics show the proof, for people who join group fitness, they attend more often than training on their own. Often times, they will join a class, and attend the class for as long as it is running. 


Checkout this story from NBC, the success of group fitness. 

Take the time for yourself to feel better and look better. As we age, our body’s hurt. However, they hurt more than if we are exercising to keep our muscles working, and the joints from stiffening up. 




Learn More About New Trier Adult Extension Center’s Fitness Class Offering.

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