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Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the great weather! 

As a reminder we do not have classes on Wednesday this week! 

Honoring the Jewish Holiday

 Yom Kippur!

I am not Jewish, however many of my students are. To honor your day, I  looked up the meaning of Yom Kippur and how to acknowledge those who are celebrating.

 Good Yuntif!

 Yom Tov!

(wishing you a good holy day.)

May your fast be easy!

 Shabbat Shalom!

(Happy New Year!)

As I  understand, this holiday is a time to reflect.  If you are having a hard time reflecting, maybe these are some good reflection points?  

  • Have I been good to my body this year? 
  • Did I make it to all my fitness classes? 
  • Did I take advantage of the other fitness classes offered to me?
  • Am I eating clean and healthy?
  • Do I need to slow down on the wine? 
  • Am I treating my body like a temple?
  • Am I drinking enough water? 

Not sure if these thoughts would be considered appropriate reflection or not. If you have any thoughts to add please do! I would love to hear your reflections!

Class Tidbits! 

Today is Sunday, some of you might be hurting after attending the  Sweat and Stretch class yesterday. The hill work can cause pain in the calf, quad, and your feet in the beginning. If you are new to stretching, this may cause a little pain for you in the beginning.  Everything is difficult in the beginning, however, there is hope as it all becomes more tolerable, and you will actually feel so much better in the long run.  

The hill is a tough one! Straight up and straight down!  you know, there  have been some request to go to tower hill for our workouts.  Hum… what do you think? Should we go to that hill? It will be double the work for sure!  We will talk about this more….. 

 Ultimately your heart and lungs will love you for the hillside work….

  For those of you who do not understand interval training for your cardio health, you will want to start by understanding your goals, based on your age. Working through the numbers using the Karvonen Formula.  Once you know your numbers based on your age, you will workout to these levels. This of course is the manual way, and you would need to stop and check heart rates periodically, which is a little counter productive to our cardio needs and safety. The best way to follow your heart rate is  by using a heart rate monitor. I have lots of experience with heart rate monitors if you are curious what to purchase follow this link to my thoughts and my suggestions.  Heart Rate Monitors

Don’t let Wednesday’s holiday keep you from getting a workout in.  This is the time to try other classes! Keep your muscles guessing! We do not want muscle memory, in our bodies, we want to keep them in a state of confusion to get better results!  

Of course you can join us for the Sunrise Class at the East Campus!  Monday and Friday Classes are running! (6:50am-7:50am). Come as you are, no need to comb your hair, no makeup, you can even wear your clothes inside out. (You know who you are)  What goes on in the sunrise class stays in the sunrise class! (ok, there might be a few pics! No closeups I promise!)

Monday evening classes are held at the West Campus, Happ Rd. (Building F, Downstairs)  Join us in Primer Pilates, or in the Wellness Center for our Strength Training & Cardio Class! 

The more the merrier! 

Tuesday’s Class is  similar to personal training. AKA; Personal Group Training

We are a group, however everyone is learning how to workout with equipment and how to follow a chart designed with a specific workout. Great for getting yourself comfortable in a gym setting, for when you are on the road traveling, or maybe just to walk in your local gym. You will feel better about the gyms and working out in them. 

Come on in, let’s measure you body mass index and your body fat.

Let’s see what your opportunities are for improvement.

Want to see how cardio fit you really are? We can test this too!  

If you want to attend Tuesday,  I will open the gym at 4:00 if there is anyone interested in coming in that early. I will keep it open until 7:00pm for those who need to come in a little later. Let me know if you plan to join us and I will be prepared for you.  I will run a surprise 20 minute group exercise class starting around 5:30pm. 



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