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New Trier Fall Fitness Classes…



Welcome to all!

New and Returning Students!

So Happy you are choosing to get Fit and Stay Fit!  


There are lots of classes and locations.  Please review the outline below, class updates, locations and our class goals.  


Group Communications-Mobile Numbers

The first most important task with our classes is to make sure I have your mobile number!  In the event I need to communicate  to everyone, a group text message is the best way to get to all quickly.  If there  are any class changes; e.g. Cancelled,  inclement weather, location change etc…  Also, if you are going to reply, please reply in a separate message.   

Multiple Class Attendance

Make up your missed classes in any other class!  There are many  options, throughout the week, feel free to attend any class to make up your missed classes. No reason not to take a different class  jump-start your fitness goals, by pushing yourself to try new things!  I offer (6) classes,  with multiple days and time options for each week. They are all age appropriate through modifications. 

All Class Announcements Group

For those who like taking advantage of attending different classes,  you will need to receive the updates about a class; e.g. class cancelled, weather issues, new class location etc… You will want to be listed in my “all class communications list” to receive any class updates. Please make sure you add my email to your contacts so your updates do not go to spam. beth@nqwellness.com

The communication will typically come out same day a few hours ahead of the scheduled class, or in some cases 15 mins before we start! 

New Trier East Campus, Winnetka Ave., Classes

Sunrise-Boot Camp Class Information

Sunrise Classes are held at New Trier East, Winnetka Campus. During the fall we will do our best to continue enjoying our classes outside. (weather permitting) The lights around the track turn on around 5:45.  Once the temperature drops, we will begin meeting in Gates Gym. (between 50 & 60 degrees) For those who want to continue using the track, strength training starts at 6:10. Which is the same for Wednesday’s Kickboxing.  

New Security rules for Winnetka campus;  We can no longer prop the doors open in Gates Gym.  We can stand by the door and hold it open for others to come in, however, we can’t prop it open. The entrance is E26, which is on the East Side of the Campus, Essex Dr. Park on the street or in the lot next to Essex.   

 We  have access to the track below the Gates gym, otherwise known as the Field House.  For those of you who really enjoy the fitness opportunity of cardio work before our strength training, feel free to use the track until 6:10am. If it rains, we normally go to Gates Gym, however watch your messages, as I might decide it’s time to kickbox.  Messages are sent between  5:15 & 5:30am.   

 Our track workout  helps us to increase our cardio capabilities. Walk, Run, Jog.…. Learning interval cardio through these sessions,  maximizes your workouts. This also helps us to start working out immediately, while we wait for some late arrivals. (you know who you are)  🙂  We start our strength training at 6:10am and continue through with our class until 6:50 am. You will learn how to  manage your cardiovascular goals, through the interval training and your understanding of the Karvonen Formula.  Once this is mastered, and you are getting the proper amount of cardiovascular work based on your age, (Karvonen Formula) you will see many improvements, your breathing capacity, along with your changing body shape for the good! Most people first notice how easy  it is to walk up flights of steps, after they have attended classes regularly. (6 to 8 weeks)  This process  will be explained more at class, however, if you get the chance please take a look at the Karvonen Formula . Knowing your heart rate goals based on your age, will help you to achieve your goals  sooner! Often times, you will find out you do not need to work as hard…. Once you understand you numbers, you will be able to manage both the high number and your recovery goals which are just as important. Once mastered you will see a  remarkable  positive difference in your daily life. 🙂 

Sunrise Boot-Camp runs every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.  To keep morning  classes fresh and fun, we change things up often! The winter can be dark and cold at 5:50am!   

 The following is  our current class locations and schedule for our  Sunrise Classes. 

  • Monday’s, we meet on the track for our workout. The south side of the track has a large blue square, this is where we meet with our weights and mat’s. If you forget your weights, I normally have extra.  
  • Wednesday’s we kick it up a bit in the Kickbox Studio! This is  in the lower level of the school. You can see the windows next to the Tennis courts.  Follow this link for the directions.  You would still park on Essex’s or the parking lots next to Essex.  No need to bring anything for this class, unless you would like to have your own boxing gloves. I have added glove choices to my website, to help you pick the best type of gloves for your workout.  there is a box of used student gloves for you to try as well. 
  • Friday’s (weather permitting) we  meet at  Elder Park. This is located down the street east of us. It’s on Sheridan Rd.  It’s a refreshing change, to workout, watching  the sun come up, while listening to the waves.  We use both the hillside and the pier for our workouts. Please bring your weights and matt’s.  After class, feel free to jump in, cool off! They say the lake water is around 80 degrees now here in August. 

Kickbox Fun

We meet in our kickbox studio, which is on the south-east corner of the building in the lower level. (Winnetka Ave & Essex) You can see the windows next to the tennis courts. You enter through the Essex’s glass doors (E26) where the guard is sitting. He will point you in the correct direction.  (I think…;) )

This class is designed to increase your balance, increase bone density, increase your cardio capabilities,  while increasing your overall physical  endurance including your brain!  Like all the other classes this is age appropriate to all ages. Modifications are designed for the individual needs. 

Core Strength Training

This class immediately follows Kickboxing. Feel Free to come early and join us in Kickbox, try it out, get your cardio on!  We have mats for this class, unless you want to bring one to lay on top of the mat.  No promises they are being cleaned…:)

We use the Pelvic Core Ball in this class. You can order yours online through Pelvic Core Solutions.  If you forget your ball, I will try to have extra’s to use in class. 

Sweat & Stretch

20 Minutes of Sweating, learning how to manage your cardio goals through Interval Training. Then we will spend a wonderful 25 minutes stretching! My favorite part of this class! To help our bodies stay healthy, we must stretch! When we lose our flexibility we are more susceptible to gain injuries all over our body. We will go through a series of stretches so you can walk away and feel great! Our summer and fall location is Elder Park. (weather permitting) When we take this class in, we will be using the gyms. Announcements for any location changes will be announced.

New Trier West Campus, Happ Rd., Classes

Monday and Tuesday evening classes are at the west campus on Happ Rd, building F downstairs.  Most of us like to park on the east side of the campus at the loading dock.(Consider to be the back of the campus)  In the winter it’s perfect for avoiding the bad weather walk from the Happ Parking lot.  If you are unsure of how to get to our classes, just let us know we will give you a tourThere are several directions taped on all the walls as you enter through the docks, or from the front of the F Building.  Diagram Here






Primer Pilates

This class is held in the Dance Studio. If you enter from the front of the F Building, come down the steps and go to the right. If you entered from the docks, follow the signs.We acquired, the use of the studio a year or so ago. For the most part it is ours at  5:30pm. On occasion, the dance classes might still be using the room, if they are, we will kindly wait in the hall and try not to disturb them. They are rarely over 5 to 8 minutes behind.  I promise we will make up our missed minutes.

Strength Training

This class is held in the wellness center directly to the left of the bottom of the steps. This is a full size gym with cardio machines, Cybex weight training, free weights,  squatting racks and more. There are times when we are sharing this room with the swim team, however they are normally out by 6:30. We usually work around them, or the coaches take them outside. If you arrive early, you can go into the gym and begin to use the cardio equipment to warm up. The Pilates class is over at 6:30, so it’s a couple of minutes before I arrive to the wellness center. Feel free to start warming up on the cardio equipment. 

Personal Group

Learn how to become comfortable in the gym, while you learn how to workout independently. You will learn how to use different cardio machines; e.g. treadmill, elliptical, stairmaster, rowing machines, bikes etc… Learn how to properly use free weights, and popular Cybex Equipment (found in hotels and resorts)

As a student in this group, you will have (4) separate workouts, (2)  upper body, (2) lower body, which includes core work.  You will learn about cardiovascular training, learning how to  maximize your results through  “Interval Training”.  The ideal workout session should only last between 30 and 45 minutes. Keeping your workout time to a minimum will help you to continue working out year after year. The gym is open from 5 to 7, however I will often arrive early, typically 4:30. If you want to come early let me know and I will be there. Staggering arrival times helps me to provide more personal training per student. 

I hope this outline helps you to get to know us a little better. I want everyone to enjoy their workouts and take advantage to maximize all your opportunity to get more fit! This is your chance to make big positive changes for your health and your wellness plans in life…:)
Beth KM….

“Don’t let aging define your fitness”

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