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Welcome to New Trier Adult Extension Center Fitness Classes Summer 2018! 

It’s going to be a fun summer! Classes are starting the week of June 11th, 2018. 

For those of you who are returning, Welcome BACK! 


Welcome to all the new students! 


This summer we have a new class! 

Please feel free to come and check it out on your Saturday morning! 


Sweat & Stretch

Everyone is stiff, sore and sometimes experiencing injury’s. Much of this is happening because we need to stretch more often! We work hard in our classes, however, sometimes we skip out on stretching and our bodies know it! It’s a very important part of working out and keeping our bodies balanced. After you start adding stretching into your daily habits, it will make a world of difference for how you feel. 

Working out using the Karvonen Formula will help you understand your goals based on your age.  The Karvonen Formula will help you become cardio fit and help you to manage the amount of time you are working out. For most you can become cardio fit, within 10 to 15 mins per day.  To easily monitor your heart rate,  make a small investment  into a heart rate monitor. My favorites are showing on this site.  Once you learn to follow your heart rate for fitness, you will quickly learn how to manage your workouts.  

Follow the links below to learn more. 

Karvonen Formula

Class Calendar

New Trier Classes, Summer 2018

School Maps


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