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COVID 19 Won’t Stop New Trier Extension

We must continue to push forward in 2020! . 

Don’t let 2020 be remembered as the year, you gave up on your health and wellness goals… 


Sure we are dealing with small adjustments to our lifestyles, however, it’s a “Life Style”, not a death sentence. More then ever  staying busy is best for your, Mind & Body to be Healthy & Fit. 

 80 plus years, the community has enjoyed an array of affordable  class offerings from NTX, e.g. Technology, Art, Fitness, to mention a few. Fortunate for NTX we have  the opportunity to operate within a State of the Art facility, we know as New Trier High School. Amid the pandemic in March we were forced suddenly to shut down classes, regroup & introduce a new style class room overnight, called ON Line Streaming.  Instructors driven by their passion for teaching, or knowing they were going to lose their income had to think quick, move fast to jump start an online class.  Some investing  hundreds of dollars of their own money to provide the online classes so their students did not have to skip a beat.  

For myself, I am most grateful for all my students who didn’t give up. Who continued to support my efforts to help them feel comfortable exercising in their living rooms. Some students dealing with pets walking across them while working through floor exercises. Others dealing with guilt as family members would sit adjacent to the camera, whispering, “When will dinner be ready?”  Everyone rolled with the changes, accepted the pain of transition. Appearing everyday, patiently waiting on the technology problems, focused on the class to begin. Pulling together, motivating each other, so we could try to stay fit in a world full of fear, quarantined in our kitchens. This is the definition of a flexible mind & disposition, small changes don’t keep you from your commitments. 

Thank you for the bottom of my heart for all the fun this has generated, and the great conversations! 

As I like to say! “NQ” Wellness…..never quit

What is NTX going to do for the June Summer Session? 


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