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NTX June 2020, Summer Session

June is here!


So is the NTX  2020 Summer Session! 

As Governor Pritzker continues  our social distancing lock down, NTX will continue with Online Streaming for the majority of classes. The positive to this news, is the ability for instructors/teachers to think outside the box, as the quarantine looms, causing a slight  discomfort. It’s the discomfort pushing us to prove our resilience, providing us with new ideas and ways to learn. 

When the electronic book arrives to your inbox, take the time to view all the class offerings. Keep in mind, for each class you take, you are helping to keep an instructor/teacher employed, and not a casualty of the pandemic. Sadly some very good instructors/teachers will be forced to find employment elsewhere. These instructors have worked with NTX students for years, teaching and sharing many skills with the community. If you want to take a class, yet your fear of technology has taken over, follow this link to learn how easy it really is.    

   THE 2nd GOOD NEW IS…..

Beth Klobuchar-Mendez…  Fitness Classes will be the first to return to both New Trier Campuses outside as the roll out begins. As Governor Pritzker opens more businesses, we will  take advantage of our very large open grounds for our fitness classes to operate.  Of course, following all the social guidelines for distancing with ease, as the space at both campuses is enormous. We will open classes with online streaming for our first week or two, then slowly roll out the classes that should be meeting outside.  When the weather isn’t cooperating we will return to online streaming.

Once we are allowed back into our fitness space the classes are designed and will follow all social distancing rules. The areas will be thoroughly sanitized, along with the equipment. Once again we will be in charge of taking care of our health and our fitness goals!  Exactly what the doctor has ordered! 

If you do not receive your electronic catalog in your email inbox within a few days, follow this link to NTX to watch for the new catalog to be uploaded.  You can easily download the catalog to your device and scroll all the class options! 

Take part, join us in welcoming our new normal to get back to living and enjoying life! 

“NQ” never quit 


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