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New Trier, 2019 Spring Summer Fitness Classes,



It’s an exciting year, as we have so many new students and so many returning students! Have you noticed we have more class offerings?  Would you like to see what happens in our classes?

Check out our Class Gallery!  (If you have not logged into my google album, you can view the images here) 

Our class focus and the big push is  “Cardio Interval Conditioning and Stretching”.  Many of our classes offer cardio interval training. To be successful at cardio intervals, you must understand your heart rate goals based on your age.  A heart rate monitor is the best and simplest way to know where your heart rate is when you are exercising, however, you can use the Karvonen Formula to understand your goals. When you are exercising on cardio equipment, you should be able to measure your heart rate while working out. This will help you to learn how it feels when you are achieving your heart rate goals. Over time you will get a better understanding of your heart rate goals, for increased cardio development, and for recovery.  

There might be some holidays for the winter/spring classes.  Please check the calendar so you know when classes are running. There are some classes scheduled off because of school activities. When you see classes on the calendar, they normally begin with (NT) New Trier, when you see (NC) this means the no class running.  Some classes will be listed in Red. This means they are not running.  The calendar is a Google Calendar, you can download to your own calendar so you always know when what is going on with classes. 

For everyone, please make sure you are on the correct list for communications. During the winter it is important to receive last-minute updates, in case the weather is bad and the class has to be canceled.  If you participate in multiple classes, make sure you are included in those lists, so you will receive the updated text message for all classes.  

Updates for all classes below, to reveal more information click on the class and it will toggle open.  

Sunrise Class Updates

Sunrise Class Updates

Thank you, everyone, for your patience while the school security works through all of the challenges to make the school secure.  In the morning if the doors are unattended when you arrive, come to the  Brown Gym Door.  (the door we always used in the past)  I will make sure we watch this door until 6:05 am. Feel free to text me, my phone is in my hand until 6:05.  618.530.4547 

The Walk/Run portion of the class is designed to warm you up and to give you a chance to get a healthy dose of cardio through intervals.  You can use the track downstairs, or the outside track. Please return to the gym or boxing studio by 6:05AM to join the class.  

Late Arrivals…

Over time there have been complaints about late arrivals in this class… 

Please arrive on time, I know it is early, and I understand, however,  if you are late, please go to the back of the class,  so you do not interrupt the other students focus.  Class starts at 5:50, the walk/run session is until 6:05, which is plenty of extra time for everyone to arrive to class.    If you arrive after 6:05, you are past 15 mins late. 🙁 

If you don’t have a mat or weights, check the closet to see if there are extras you could use. Unless you are brand new to the class, I can’t give up my weights and mat, as I need to also participate in the class. 

  Chicago’s Winter Weather

As winter approaches, so does rain and snow!  Please wear your street shoes to the gym, then change into your tennis shoes on the side. We want to avoid getting the gym floors wet and risking injury from a fall.    

This is the same for the kickbox room. Please change your shoes in the hallway before coming into the room. Those floors are new, and they can be dangerous if they are wet.  

Thanks, Tom for already following these rules! 

Primar Pilates, Updates

Monday Primar Pilates, Dance Studio

As winter approaches, so does rain and snow!  Please don’t wear your street shoes into the dance studio. Change or remove your shoes before entering the studio. There are chairs by the stairway if you need to sit down to remove your shoes.

There are times when there might be a dance class in the studio. We want to make sure we do not walk in on them, or that we do not make a lot of noise outside the door. They are typically done by 5:35. As they walk out, we can walk in. 

Strength Training Class

Monday, Strength Training Class, 

Class is listed for 6:30 PM. I am leaving the dance studio to walk to the wellness center, so we can run behind a little. When you arrive, the door is normally open. Feel free to go into the gym and start your cardiovascular work. 

As winter approaches, so does rain and snow!  Please wear your street shoes to the hallway, and change your shoes there. We have chairs and benches next to the stairs in the hallway where you can change.  Thanks for your patience when the kids around. I think we will be seeing less of them very soon. 🙂

Personal Group Updates

Tuesday, Group Personal Training, 

As winter approaches, so does rain and snow!  Please wear your street shoes into the school then change into your tennis shoes in the hallway. I want to avoid getting water on our gym floor. It’s dangerous and messy.  There are chairs and benches next to the stairs where you can change.  When you arrive to this class, grab your workout sheets and decide which workout you are doing. All workouts start with a cardio warm up.

Your fitness workout will be on a clipboard so you can jump right into your workout.

Stretch & Flex

Tuesday Stretch & Flex

This class directly follow the new Personal Group Phase I Class on Tuesday evenings. 45 minutes of pure stretch, to some nice tunes. After this class, you will sleep like a baby…. Our dance studio is perfect for We will use the dance room for this class. There are mats available, so no need to bring a thing.

Kick-Box & Pelvic Core

Wednesday, Kick-box & Pelvic Core Classes

As winter approaches, so does rain and snow!  Please wear your street shoes to the hallway, and change before walking into the kickbox studio. Our floors are new, and not made for water and snow. If you want to stay for the Pelvic Core Class, keep your mats out.

Sweat & Stretch

Saturday Sweat & Stretch

During the winter and when the temperatures are below 60, we are in school.  I am at the door from 8:25 until 8:50. If you miss me, please send me a text, 618.530.4547, I will come to the door to let you in.  The stretch portion of the class is from 8:50 until  9:30.  If you need to leave by 9:15, feel free, just leave your strap on the floor.   

It is a nice change, and the stairs are perfect for the sweat portion of the class. They are designed well and should not cause any knee pain. Of course, you can choose to come back down the same staircase or take a jog to the next staircase.  Coming up the steps is going to provide the best cardio increase for your cardio goals! 

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